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Chain of hotels O’Kiev is a great choice for a budget traveler

Good location, inexpensive room rates, nice living conditions and free Wi-Fi

Our affordable hotels and hostels are for those who want to hit the city but not be hit in the pocket!

The chain of hotels O’Kiev is the best choice for budget travelers visiting the capital. Whether you need a private room, or simply a bed for the night with shared facilities, our varied choices meet assured standards which guarantee good quality safe accommodation at affordable prices.

Great quality accommodation in the central part of Kiev, Ukraine.

Our hotel, inn and hostel are centrally located, easy to reach and close to all major attractions. They are all situated on the right bank of the river Dnieper and have easy access to public transport allowing you to get to any part of Kiev without much trouble.

The perfect base to explore Kiev on a tight budget and the ideal choice for travellers looking for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere!

Combining the best hotels and hostels have to offer.

Our budget hotels are only minutes away from major bus or metro stations that puts all of the city’s major attraction within reach so that you could experience Kiev life to the fullest. We will help you save and enjoy your trip in one of the most visited cities of Ukraine. Hotels O’Kiev are the true traveller’s budget choice with everything you need while on the road.

Maximum comfort and reasonably-priced rooms in our hotels.

The chain of hotels O’Kiev offers comfortable accommodation at affordable prices in very good location. We also provide special discounts for group lodging which can be very convenient for bus tours, sport teams, seminar and conference attendants and other people traveling together for various purposes. Our chain has flexible discounts for corporate clients and commission for tour agencies and agents.

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Kiev hotels and hostels.
We provide affordable accommodation in Kiev, Ukraine!

The chain of hotels O’Kiev offers great accommodation at a good price and in convenient location giving our guests easy access to the sights of the capital.

You can easily find our hotel or hostel by searching for “Kiev hotels”, “hostels of Kiev”, “Kyiv hotels and hostels” or “Kiev mini-hotels”. We are sure you will be satisfied with great prices and comfort.

During Euro-2012 the chain of hotels O’Kiev accommodated guests from 33 countries of the world and received high estimates from all the people who stayed with us!